• Tea Towels. The New Wall Art.

    I really love printed textiles and I jumped at the opportunity to print some photographic images onto tea towels and cushions.  The Tea Towels were...
  • The Dilemma of Free returns

    Hello, Autumn! This is my favourite time of year for glorious colour and texture as the year winds down for rest and renewal. I liken this great la...
  • Strength in Solitude

    As an Introvert, I am always happier in solitude. Previously considered something...
  • To frame or not to frame...

    To frame or not to frame….

    That is a very big question for a print seller, because everyone wants something different..

  • Testing...testing...

    Once completed, print testing begins. This is where the fun starts and I say that quite ironically 
  • Inspiration and Process

    Styling is not easy for me. The less hard I try with styling the better the composition, strangely, so I have to remember to be relaxed and loose.
  • “Why does it take 3 years to learn how to press a button?”

     “Why does it take 3 years to learn how to press a button?”

    Sadly, this a Frequently Asked Question when I explain my photographic training, and a reflection of current perception. Photography has become just pressing a button.

  • Autumn

    Well, it's that festive time of year and I have been in a creative flurry, working on new prints and experimenting with a new product I hope to launch very soon.
  • Why Dark Photography?

    During a period of excessively hot and bright weather, (useless for garden photography) I turned to still life to concentrate on plants and photography as a means to switch off the chatter of economics and learn something new. A meditative process not altogether acknowledged by me at the time but very much evident.
  • Finally! I’m here!

    It’s been a real labour of love to get this shop up and running. I’m not hugely techie and navigating the set -up has been a challenge but I am looking forward to what it could bring in terms of creative potential.