Strength in Solitude

Well, lockdown has changed the world somewhat, hasn’t it?

It is a tough time for many, I know, especially large households, especially in flats with little outside space. It is a tough time for many people on their own, especially the elderly.

For myself, initially, I felt rudderless. I am accustomed to pressure and deadlines. As difficult as it was, they had kept me on a much organised track. I find productivity without the pressure rather strange, but now oddly….nice.

After a slow start, ideas have been on free flow, with time for walks, more exercise and meditations without feeling like time is the driver. With a quiet mind, creativity seems to flow more freely.  I am revelling in this quiet, with less traffic noise and more birdsong. Fewer traffic jams... There are negatives, of course, such as dealing with the supermarket, less income and how my future working life as a self-employed person could change.

As an Introvert, I am always happier in solitude. Previously considered something of a negative, Introversion is now defined as a character type. Introverts are energised by solitude and need to process and think through ideas and thoughts and there are several different types of introvert and extrovert. (Try the Myers –Briggs type tests online for a personality test).




Lockdown, then, has provided that perfect environment for me. We have all slowed down. The world, despite our time saving machines and gizmos, had become more time pressured than life 50 years ago. We are always in a rush. I have become fitter; more walks, more runs, daily yoga, more reading… life feels like a few decades ago. We have gone back in time. I read something a few days ago suggesting the traffic volumes currently are similar to the seventies.

I am not looking forward to the rush of traffic and the crowds reappearing again. I hope I will be able to apply my more relaxed ways to the new normal when it comes, to carry that peace and creativity, to make more time for these small things I have come to appreciate now.  These that had been lost and now found again.  I have always felt that good comes after bad and hopefully much of what we have gained through this period becomes something we appreciate for future life.

I hope you all have found some positives in this, too. I am looking forwards to seeing many of you again soon in safer circumstances and presenting the fruits of my lockdown creative labours.

Don’t forget your downloadable bookmarks. All that reading to do and stuff…


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Thank you, Kevin.
Same here! Its nice to find other people who totally get it!


Thank you, Claire. I am glad to hear the positives of this time resonate with you, too.


Such lovely words of calm Dianna. Also, very poignant to be remembering years past, especially today.
May the peacefulness continue. xx

claire wilson

Introverts and introversion are much-misunderstood: “So, you don’t really like people?” etc.

Myers Briggs set me free from years of feeling bad about it!
INFP ;-)

Try the Enneagram too.
Lots of artists and arty types are Type 4.

Kevin Scott

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