The Story Behind... KOKO LOCO

The Story Behind... KOKO LOCO

What I first noticed about KOKO LOCO, aside from her gorgeous colour and vintage vibe, was her gentleness. 

I believe in photographing a mood. While the art of dark botanical photography is by nature more moody than the lighter versions, I feel the creative urge to create my own version beyond just 'dark'. For some creators it is more technique than emotion.



So, how on earth does one photograph 'gentleness' ?  I believe if I 'feel' gentleness, I can 'make' gentleness or get very close to it. It's not always conscious but in the weirdness of the creative mind, it just seems to goe there.
Mood can come from how the plants are arranged, observing their 'gestures', their shapes and how they interact with one another. Mood is definitely enhanced with the use of light and for me, is ALWAYS natural. Here, simplicity of composition, along with the above, contributes to a sense of quiet.
The viewer might not neccessarily see the gentleness, but instead, maybe something akin to it, or perhaps something different, depending on their own emotions and experiences. 
It does not really matter. I know it is there.


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