The Dilemma of Free returns

Hello, Autumn!

This is my favourite time of year for glorious colour and texture as the year winds down for rest and renewal. I liken this great last crescendo as Mother Nature saying 'This is me and don't you forget it!

It is a great time for photographic inspiration with gathering seedpods, leaves and other natural gifts, colourful landscapes and warm, low light. It is such a reminder to me we have to work hard to care for this wonderful planet of ours.

This leads me to talk about the dilemma of free returns.




Free Returns is very much the norm now in the world of online business, and certainly has the power to increase sales, creating confidence with buyers, yet environmentally, it throws up quite a few problems. Who knew that returned clothing items often go to landfill. Whaaaaat?

For those that might like to know the shocking details, here is one of many links. Google is full of different articles on the subject and does not make for pleasant reading.

Thankfully, my business has nowhere near the impact of clothing retail. I am very conscious of waste, both domestically and business- wise.  Images are printed to order, except for fairs and markets where I print a small selection. This, therefore helps to reduce paper and packaging waste, in turn, keeping costs down, which is then reflected in my prices. I aim for eco packaging where possible and do not send out textiles in plastic. The environmental impact of this business is always a work in progress.

My ideal aim has always been to encourage a considered approach to buying artwork. Any work purchased on my site is ALWAYS available for a return as I would not want you to keep something you didn’t like, especially artwork. However making that return at cost to the buyer is known to encourage more personal reflection in the buying process. It is certainly changed my thinking with online purchases.  

For those local to me in Worthing and the surrounding areas, I would be happy to collect an item intended for return for free. Please contact or DM to enquire.


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Yes, Ann, the virus makes it even more tricky.
I have found when I think more about a possible purchase, I make better decisions about it.


Who knew.. that is a really sad story. In this time of the virus 🦠 we have been really careful what we order because of returns. Knowing this I think I would bring an item to goodwill.

Ann Davis

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