To frame or not to frame...

To frame or not to frame….

That is a very big question for a print seller, because everyone wants something different. Variations in décor, colour preferences, wall space, ‘matchiness’,  are all major considerations for a frame.

It is not an issue with online sales as the cost of shipping and insurance can make the cost of sending a framed artwork prohibitive with a huge potential for breakage. With selling in- person, it is.

Personally, I prefer to buy prints unframed as I usually prefer something a bit different to what is being offered. I do understand the fact that, for many people it can just needs to go straight on the wall. Those that buy it knows it will work for them. How many people am I missing because I haven’t chosen the ‘right’ frame?



Proportion is also a factor. My own preference is for very narrow frames that just softly hug the delicately, coloured florals.  I prefer it to be unmounted, for a contemporary look but also works the vintage vibe. I feel the presence of a white mount, for instance, to be highly distracting from the subtle colour within my work. However, the absence of a mount creates a smaller piece, perfectly suited then for smaller spaces, gallery walls, on bookshelves or desks.

A frame with a mount creates a larger piece, therefore filling a bigger space or becoming a statement. I imagine a black frame and a black mount would work well here but with the big print size required would make it much more expensive.

So, what is your view? Do you prefer to buy a print with a frame or without? What type of framing do you like? I would love to know!





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Thank you, Doug.
Its always great to hear other viewpoints.
I guess many who like to see how it is framed and then buy unframed- they have had a visual reference.


as an addendum to the abobe, purely for shipping costs, I would only buy online without a frame, but accept the photographer’s suggestion as to what the frame could be.

douglas stewart

Here in Brazil, the current trend seems to be ‘the larger, the better’ for an actual print with just a touch of plain natural wood, or black frame around, By larger, I mean A2 is considered ‘small’. With florals, I find that enormous prints tend to look strange unless they are totally abstract, but in the more fine art versions, I find A3 plus a white border to be perfect. Here, pictures sold online – framed or not – are more inclined to be deemed ‘fine art’ with a passpartout, and just ‘commercial fine art’ if large without borders. My IG accounts – should you wish to look – are dougbraz and .

douglas stewart

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