About Me



Hi! My name is Dianna Jazwinski and I am a professional garden and plant photographer.

I work mainly in the editorial field, working with top horticultural magazines such as Gardens Illustrated, The English Garden and Country Living magazines with worldwide sales via representation by stock agency Gap Photos.

Having felt the need to break from commissioned work to create something more personal and, drawn to still life, I felt inspired by the old, vintage botanical prints. The detail, colour and texture is intriguing and so easy on the eye, evoking such a sense of calm. Calling on all my photographic, technical knowledge and much experimentation I bring to you now that same sense of calm and positive emotion that only beautiful botanicals can bring, with sensitive photography.

Yes, my style is dark but aims to convey optimism, calm and even vibrancy in that very natural beauty of the plant world. Light in the Darkness. Whatever is happening out there, there will always be flowers... and they still grow and do what they do. We do not always have access to a garden or flowers but we can bring the garden in. This work I hope will allow you to just rest your eyes, to bring colour, and to reflect on all that remains good and constant. 

For more about my editorial work please visit www.diannajazwinski.co.uk

I am based in West Sussex in the UK.