Inspiration and Process


Most of my inspiration comes from an immediate response to a particular flower or plant. Inspiration is instant. Sometimes I have to avoid flower shops as this can get a little expensive!

Once bought, they are studied for a few days to consider the elements that move me and how I might show that photographically. Colour, shape, texture, iridescence and gestures are all inspiring elements. Bendy stems are a definite if I can find them… but there is always an emotional connection.  This time of study provides a short period of enjoyment before the shoot.  Sadly, the photographic process can wreck them.

Low light is my chosen method, as you know, for bringing out colour, texture and detail. I like to use shadow and highlight to enhance some details and diminish others and side lighting can be evocative of mood.

Styling is not easy for me. The less hard I try with styling the better the composition, strangely, so I have to remember to be relaxed and loose. They are all shot with varying degrees of natural light. The wonderful thing about Venetian blinds is the variation of light achieved with moving them.

For the purposes of print I prefer to have the most important elements pin sharp as enlargement can definitely show where it is not. Accurate focusing is required and the use of a tripod essential to achieve it, often with repeated attempts made of the same set-up to ensure that at least one is correct. It is always a surprise how many are not despite the care and attention made to it.




Hard work, yes, but it is a truly meditative process. The world is ALWAYS a better place afterwards.

Happy New Year to you all!



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Love your beautiful work Dianna, and thank you for for tips today on shooting and using low natural light.

Happy New Year
Ann Davis

Ann Davis

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