Finally! I’m here!


It’s been a real labour of love to get this shop up and running. I’m not hugely techie and navigating the set -up has been a challenge but I am looking forward to what it could bring in terms of creative potential. 

This personal work, and the purpose of this shop, has been the most wonderful time. I have loved photography since picking up a camera with Black & White film in 1996 at an evening class. The journeys from this small, simple step has been unimaginable, eventually leading to colour botanical photography and top horticultural magazine work. My personal work is quite distant to my editorial style and a source of great wonderment to me as to why that is. Where on earth has it come from??  

Not being entirely sure what the public response might be to this work I took part in Worthing Artists Open Houses for 3 weekends in June to test the water. The response so gladdened my heart and gave me great confidence to continue. I was waiting for the usual ‘photography isn’t art’ or ‘I can do that’, which thankfully did not happen but ‘look at that detail’ and ‘love those colours’ did. Thank you, lovely people- you had no idea what that meant!

Currently the shop will feature prints and cards with the aim of new releases each month. Other merchandise is planned with the great hope at some stage to feature the work of other botanical artists. I am brimming with ideas and I cannot wait to get started. 

Instagram has been part of the inspiration of this shop and the creative process around it. Curating an artistic feed has been the greatest part, filtering out the politics and life’s minutiae that features so strongly in other social media.  It has become my happy place for inspiration. 

I am still working in the editorial field and still loving it, and so happy that the two very different facets of my photographic world can blend together.

As the gardening season is a busy one, I am aiming for monthly blog posts, possibly more if time and the potential for interesting news allows.

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