Well, it's that festive time of year and I have been in a creative flurry, working on new prints and experimenting with a new product I hope to launch very soon. New prints require several test samples and re-editing to get them right. The same goes for the new textile product as printing on different media, even paper, can take on a different look from the screen. I am also looking forwards to introducing a guest maker.

From the editorial point of view, October can be a busy time shooting autumn garden features for magazines. However, the weather has been so wet and windy, relegating my autumn plans into next year’s diary. It is very disappointing from a business point of view but having a few irons in the creative fire helps to mitigate those circumstances. It is also disappointing to miss the experience of an early morning shoot, with misty mornings and glittering cobweb, at my favourite time of the year. However, I can still collect the gifts of autumn, in the form of fallen leaves, seed heads, berries, acorns and the last Dahlias to gather and photograph.

I will be at The Makers Fair at St Augustines Events Centre, Stanford Avenue, Brighton, BN1 6EA on Sunday the 1st of December from 11am to 5pm. Your discount code can be used there, too- just quote it to me. I will send out another newsletter with an update closer to the time.

St. Augustines is a a home for the Arts, Wellbeing and Spiritual sectors in Brighton. I had the pleasure of visiting during Brighton Open Studios in May and it is a real gem.  It is an absolute delight to be participating in this wonderful space with my first Makers Fair.

Check out their Instagram posts on IG: themakersfair

Other useful links include:

IG:  st_augustine_centre



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