Tea Towels. The New Wall Art.

I really love printed textiles and I jumped at the opportunity to print some photographic images onto tea towels and cushions.  The Tea Towels were designed to become wall hangings and nothing at all to do with dishes. Many have said ‘it’s too good for drying dishes …’ and it absolutely is! 

Here are some ways to do it. My  original idea was to use poster hangers. I love that vintage 'nature education' look. It works so well with vintage and mid-century interiors style. They work by holding the poster between magnets on a pair of battens at each end.



However, the magnets are unable to hold the weight of a tea towel along with the lower battens. Removing the lower battens looks OK but not as I would like.

Then came the idea of using sticky backed Velcro to one batten at each end (non-facing side) and at the top and bottom of the tea towel (facing side). Problem solved!  As  not using all 4 battens are being used  you will have 2 spare for another tea towel! 

If you like a project, a cheaper (alot cheaper..) would be to buy two wooden battens from a timber merchant, paint them your desired colour, use the Velcro method, add attachments for string and hang up. That will certainly be my next project. As the kits have limited colour options, this method is perfect for customisation.



Another really simple way to hang a tea towel is to attach the corners of the tea towel to a wall with pretty washi tape. Washi tape has a reputation of not leaving marks on the wall when peeled off and so is ideal for rented accommodation, particularly for students. It doesn’t suit humid places, as the tape is likely to peel off. Alternatively, use Command Tape, cost effective with a much stronger hold and minimal wall damage, according to their website.

I'm really pleased with how the Ranunculus Tea Towel looks now its hung up at home, although I might be tempted, in due course, to paint those battens black...





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